Facility Rules

June 27, 2015

Millcreek Civic Center

Rules and Regulations

  • Millcreek Civic Center is a Non-Smoking Facility

  • Alcoholic Beverages are only allowed in Memorial Hall

  • If alcohol is served, only bartenders approved by Millcreek are able to serve

  • Uniformed security, when required, will be provided by Millcreek for an hourly fee

  • Please Do Not use tape to place anything on walls or any surface of the building

  • Children must be under adult supervision at all times

  • Before leaving please place all trash in room containers provided

  • Return room back to it’s original condition as found

  • Vacuum cleaners are available upon request

  • Do not alter any decorations that are property of the Millcreek Civic Center

  • Do not light any candles that are property of the Millcreek Civic Center

  • If food and drink are being used, all tables must be covered while in use.

Thank you for using our facility and helping take care of it.